In light of the recent news over the past few months of suicides both of celebrities and those not even mentioned, I am reminded of what my past supervisor has told me about anxiety and depression. “When an individual feels hopeless and everything in life is hopeless, they no longer want to live. What’s the … More Strongholds

Birthday Wishes

It’s been a while… I’ve been writing lots and lots of papers for grad school, so when I had time to write a blogpost…let’s face it people, I just wanted to be a coach potato, maybe a sweet potato coach, I prefer those potatoes. Anyways, so what do I owe this blogpost to? It’s a … More Birthday Wishes

One Year

It doesn’t feel like a year has past. I still cannot fully comprehend the effects of my loss, and I don’t think I ever will. I’ve come to realize I’ll never be “over it”.  I will always have sorrow in my heart, but that’s not to say I mope around all day. My tears come … More One Year