Birthday Wishes

It’s been a while… I’ve been writing lots and lots of papers for grad school, so when I had time to write a blogpost…let’s face it people, I just wanted to be a coach potato, maybe a sweet potato coach, I prefer those potatoes. Anyways, so what do I owe this blogpost to? It’s a … More Birthday Wishes

One Year

It doesn’t feel like a year has past. I still cannot fully comprehend the effects of my loss, and I don’t think I ever will. I’ve come to realize I’ll never be “over it”.  I will always have sorrow in my heart, but that’s not to say I mope around all day. My tears come … More One Year

Autumn Decor

As the temperature drops into the low 80s, it finally feels like autumn is here in Southern California. And with Halloween around the corner, I started feeling festive and wanted to spruce up my house a bit with some autumn decor. Now this is my first attempt to decorate my house besides the usual lone … More Autumn Decor