Death Has Lost Its Sting


I had a rough start to 2015. Everyone is talking about the “New Year and the new you”, setting goals, and etc. But my mind was somewhere else. The other night, thoughts of my dad’s passing built up as I tossed and turned in my bed. The manner in which my dad passed caused a deep pain inside of me. I questioned God that if my dad had to go, why did he have to go in this way? Why not more peacefully, with less fear?

I came to a point where I just wanted to be relieved already. So, I did the only thing I knew that would calm me down. I focused on the cross. I know this can be the typical response in any circumstance, and may not be a satisfying solution to those who want a clear-cut answer, but there’s just something about the cross that surpasses all my knowledge and understanding of what I’m going through. You see as I thought about the cross, I realized that when Jesus took his last breath God had abandoned him. This is not so with us. Because Jesus took our place on the cross, we now die with God.

Despite the fear my dad had, I take great comfort knowing that God was with him. His loving arms were there to hold my dad, and his sorrow was displayed as the sky poured all day and night. God truly loved my dad very much and now, he’s in His presence where one day, we’ll all be together forever.


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