Zion National Park

Scout's Landing

July has been a month of travel, and I finally have time to recap my adventures! I had the chance to go to Zion National Park in Utah with my boyfriend’s family. It was BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could teleport there every time the city gives me a headache. I know you’ve heard it so many times, and there’s even been research supporting the facts, but nature does truly give you a sense of peace in your life. We have so many demands and stresses in our lives that we forget to admire the life around us, to soak up the goodness of the earth, and to realize there is more to life than working, studying, or whatever business we have to take care of. So without further ado, let’s get to the pictures so you know what I’m talking about.

Narrows 1

Narrows 2

Narrows 3

There are many hiking trails in Zion, and there’s a convenient shuttle to take you to them. The first one we went to was the Narrows (the pictures above). I was so excited for this! Who doesn’t want to hike in cool water during the summer? We did the Bottom Up Hike (aka hiking upstream). I had so much fun hiking this trail. I felt like a wilderness explorer with my hiking stick and camelbak (I finally got one hehe). The only downside was that I couldn’t see where my feet were. The water was muddy from recent rainfall, and not the typical clear water most people experience. That just means I have to go back there again! And just a tip, you can rent all the gear for the Narrows at the Zion Adventure Company. We got the $23 package for 1 day at the Narrows. Pretty decent if you ask me!

AL 1

AL 3

AL 4

AL 6

AL 7

AL 8

The next hiking trail we did was Angel’s Landing. This is another famous hike at Zion known for its difficulty, 1000 feet drop on both sides of the trail, and a chain rail to keep you from falling. But because of my fear of heights (I literally freeze, and won’t budge), we only went up to Scout’s Lookout. A cool feature about the trail is the intense switchbacks you have to get through before reaching Scout’s Lookout. But once you’ve made it, you feel accomplished! There are so many great views on the way to Scout’s Lookout, including a landscape view of Zion. Scout’s Lookout also has a port-a-potty for you to use. It’s really stanky though! This poor park guy has to hike up (I’m not sure how often) to clean them. I hope they pay him really well. Anyways if you’re up for it, you can hike for 2 more hours to get to Angel’s Landing. At Angel’s Landing, you get a higher elevation and a 360 view of Zion. Hopefully one day I will conquer my fear, and get that 360 view!

EP 1

EP 3

EP 2

Our final trail (that we did on the same day as Scout’s Landing!) was the Emerald Pools. Zion has 3 trails for the Emerald Pools: Upper, Middle, and Lower Emerald Pools. Little did we know that hiking to the Upper Emerald Pool would mean passing through the lower and middle pools. We even underestimated the hike; it wasn’t your normal 1.5 mile hike. It felt longer than that! When we passed by the Lower Emerald Pool, I didn’t take any pictures because it was waaay too crowded. On top of that, the pool just looked like a giant puddle. But in general, the Emerald Pools were a bit shallow. I think there wasn’t enough rainfall, or the summer heat just zapped all the water up. They say the trail is year-round, but maybe hiking the Emerald Pools in the spring will give you more “pool” to look at. Regardless, I enjoyed the scenery and it gave me a huge appetite for lunch!

This wraps up my trip at Zion National Park. I hope you find time to explore a national park near you, and take in the benefits of immersing yourself with nature! Here’s a link to look up parks near you. Remember folks, when life gets gritty, get out and get grounded to the earth! xD


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