Monrovia Canyon Falls

sunrise Monrovia Canyon

There’s a fall in the foothills of the San Gabriels that runs all year long.  Well I was doubtful, but sure enough when I hiked to the falls it was still flowing in the midst of our Indian Summer. Isn’t that amazing? Especially since California is in a drought.

Of course the waterfall I’m referring to is the Monrovia Canyon Falls. Who knew that a beautiful National Park existed on this side of Los Angeles County. It is definitely a beautiful gem in the San Gabriel Valley, and it gives one hope that not all our water is gone.

Now the hike is short and sweet averaging about 1.5 hour round trip, depending on how long you want to admire the waterfall once you get there. It’s great for groups, families, children, and dogs at all hiking levels. The best time to hike this trail is in the morning, and by the way starting time 8am is perfectly fine (not too early for you peeps who want to sleep in i.e. me).

On the flip side you have to pay for parking: $5 on weekdays and $6 on weekends. BUT you can park outside the park for free. It’s about a mile from the hiking trail, which actually wasn’t bad at all (I was expecting a lot worse!).

Notable features:

Shaded trails

shaded trail 1

shaded trail 2

Beautiful landscape (like the featured photo and the photos here). I felt like I was in the Bridge to Terabithia minus the mythical creatures.

landscape 1

landscape 2

Sage, I just love the smell of sage


And the waterfall. It might seem small but running all year long and in this heat, I’m glad it hasn’t dried out!

Monrovia Canyon Falls

So if you’re out in the San Gabriel Valley for some good Asian grub, don’t forget to stop by Monrovia Canyon Falls. You’ll build an appetite to eat all them soup dumplings, noodles, and boba while you’re at it xD.


I went on a Sriracha Rooster Brand factory tour and got FREE stuff. My friend booked the tour tickets a month or so in advance.

Here are the chili peppers getting ready to be washed.

the chili peppers

And next they were crushed, mixed with the company’s secret proportions of garlic, vinegar, and other ingredients. Then they were fermented in these blue barrels.

the fermentation

Finally they were boxed, ready to find a home in your kitchen cabinet.


Oh and it’s a self-guided tour, but I’m not complaining because everything was free. Nothing beats free folks!

Free sriracha stuff

What are some free activities in your local neighborhood? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!


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