Autumn Decor

Fall Decor

As the temperature drops into the low 80s, it finally feels like autumn is here in Southern California. And with Halloween around the corner, I started feeling festive and wanted to spruce up my house a bit with some autumn decor. Now this is my first attempt to decorate my house besides the usual lone pumpkin that sits at the front door. But thanks to pinterest and youtube, I was able to come up with a few more things that could keep mister jack-o’-lantern some company this year. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!


Fall Lantern

As the days get shorter, we need to light things up. Why not do it with some festive flare?
Here are the materials you need:

Lanterns (2 or however much you need)
Fall foliage
Assortment of acorns and pine cones
LED candles

Fall Lantern Materials

First you want to take your fall foliage and pluck the leaves off the vine. If your foliage doesn’t have removable leaves you could snip the leaves off instead. And, if you’re blessed to have real fall foliage around, use it!

Fall foliage

Now the fun part. Start arranging your fall foliage, acorns, and pine cones inside the lantern.

After you found a nice place for everything, set the LED candle in the lantern.

Fall Lantern 2

And you’re all done! It’s a very simple decor that looks like you put lots of effort into it. You could also switch out the fall foliage for some frosted pine cones and pine branches for winter!


Harvest Wreath

What’s a better way to let your neighbors know that autumn is here, than greeting them with a harvest wreath at your front door. My favorite part is the mini chalk board. I could keep writing different messages hehe.
Anyways, here are the materials you need:

Grapevine wreath
fall foliage (love the multi-purpose use!)
mini chalkboard
hemp cord
burlap ribbon (optional)
glue gun

Harvest Wreath materials

Take the flowers and fall foliage and start plucking them from their stems. Again, you could snip them off if plucking is not an option for you.

Harvest Wreath flowers

Arrange them on the top 1/4 of your grapevine wreath.

Once you fancy your arrangement, glue gun them on the grapevine wreath.

Then wrapped the remaining fall foliage around the rest of the wreath and tied the ends at the top.

Take your mini chalkboard and glue gun a piece of hemp cord on the back. If you were able to get a chalkboard with a string for hanging, then your life got easier.

Now, just tie the string attached to the chalkboard on the wreath. Make sure you position the chalkboard to sit on the wreath before knotting it.

Finally, write your fall message on the chalkboard, hang it up and admire the hard work you just did.

Autumn Decor 2

All the materials were purchased from Hobby Lobby. This is not sponsored (well I wish, then I would be getting money for this blogpost), but it was just convenient for me that everything was in one place. Well, I hope these autumn decor ideas gave you some inspiration to do your own. You can always try changing up your environment with the season folks. It’s a great way to celebrate the beautiful fall weather inside and outside your home. If you have any decor ideas, please share them in the comments below!


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