DIY Christmas Potpourri

Christmas Potpourri

What better way to bring in the Christmas spirit than filling your home with the rich aromas of the holiday season! I was inspired by the youtuber Ingrid Nilsen and her video on DIY Room Scents, or simmering potpourris.

I chose to do the Christmas-y scent, and my house started to smell like Michael’s Arts and Crafts during the holiday season. And if you don’t know the smell of Michael’s around this time of year, you can get a good whiff of it with this Christmas simmering potpourri.


With that being said I couldn’t keep this to myself, so I canned them up in a mason jar and added some festive finishings to give away as gifts.

Festive Mason Jar Potpourri

I also wrote some directions at the top, since simmering potpourri isn’t something common that we all do…at least in my circle of friends.

Potpourri Directions

There are plenty of other simmering potpourris to explore on pinterest and elsewhere. I would definitely love to try some peppermint or rosemary ones too! Let me know in the comments below what are your favorite scents of the holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays peeps!



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